Tuesday are ancient civilizations’ day

On Tuesdays we have Miss Wyatt, with her we have been doing ancient history work and there are four groups with four members. In my group there is Max, Isaac, Tyler and I. We are doing ours on ancient Egypt, so far I have done four slide shows on, the front cover, Nile river, facts and there text. In block 3 and 4 I started on making my pyramid it needs more support so I am putting match sticks on the insides of it. Isaac and Max are doing pyramids to when Max is meant to be doing a Mummy or we are dressing him up as one but any way he has already started but I reckon we will still dress him up as one. Tyler isn’t here today but I doubt it would of made a diffrents’ because she doesn’t do much work and she always acts like she is the boss of our group and Max and Isaac go off at her for it and so do I sometimes tho so hmm.

World Toilet Day

Today is world toilet day it happens once a year on the 19th of November. World toilet day is about people who don’t have a toilet they have to squat on the ground to go to the toilet. Our class had to squat for a minute it was kinda painful some peoples legs hurt and  their feet went numb and so did their legs. 2.5 billion  people worldwide don’t access to acproper sanitationcess, wich risks their health, wich kills 1.8 billon people and it’s mostley children.


To visite more about world toilet day go to click here

Robyn Moore

On the 5th of  November Robyn Moore came to our school. Robyn Moore dose all kinds of different voices, she dose Blinky Bills voice and other voices in it like Nutsy and Miss Magpie. She also dose voices on Phlipper and Parcer. Robyn Moore also works at make a wish foundation. She came to our school and told us a few stories and did a few voices. Robyn moore use to go to Sorell High School when she was younger.

Athletics Carnival…:)

At our school we have three house groups, 

Bridges (Blue) Davis (Yellow) and  Hart (Red). 

 I am in Davis, at our athletics carnival I entered the 100m sprint, 200m sprint and the high jump, but I didn’t get to finish the 200m sprint because my friend fell over so I stopped to see if she was okay. She had hurt her achille trendies (that’s a muscle in the side of your leg near your ankle), she couldn’t walk on it for a while her best friend and I had to carry her to the office. In high jump my friend won and broke the grade 7 record in our school. 

Bridges came first

Davis came second

Hart came third

When My Friend Stayed Over… :)

On Thursday my friend stayed over and we went up the road for a walk and we walked past  a house with a trampoline and they weren’t home so….   We started BOUNCING on some randoms trampoline it was so fun. There was no one home at another house and they had a bigger trampoline so…. We started bouncing on that  and doing flips then we saw there totem-tennis so we were trying to get the bats off but we coulden’t so we didn’t get to play it.   Later on that day we went shopping and we threw apple cores out the car window and a car squished one and the lady behind us was laughing. In Harvey Norman me and my friend weren’t allowed to go on the couch’s or beds but we still did that was funny to, then we saw a tunnel of chairs so…. Me and my friend crawled threw them.  In Woollies me and my friend were joking around and hitting each other and the butcher person said to her ” I like the way you hit and run” and she said “yea it’s so she don’t get me”.  when I had finished I chased her and these two old lady’s said to each other rotten kids.   When we got home it was dark so we went up to see if we could bounce on a Lady’s trampoline but  she was home so we ran down the street and back home.   🙂   🙂   🙂

My Term 3 Goals…:)

School: This term I would like to improve on my spelling. Because I would like to be a better speller for next year and the rest of my life and use punctuation in the correct places.
I .would also like to get better at math for later on in high school because each year will be harder and plus later on in life I will need it alot.
I will do this by… Listening more in class and doing my work more.

Home: At home I would like to try and keep my room cleaner and do my chores went I wont to not just When I need money.
I will do this by… Seeing that my room is messy and if I’m not doing anything important I will clean it and put my stuff away.
I will do this by… Asking mum if it needs to be done yet and get her to tell me when I need to do it or just doing it because I’m not doing anything.

Attitude:  This term I would like to improve on my attitude because I don’t think I always have the best attitude.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               I will do by… Keeping it to myself and not saying anything.

What I Have Learned This Term…

This term in maths we have been learning long multiplication, area, perimeter and other things. I recon these will be useful in the future because if I ever build a house or become a teacher. Also all the other jobs pretty much have  maths in them even if you do the shopping , you need to know maths, because you need to count your money. Maths is really useful, I recon every one uses maths every day.

In Thai we have learnt how to speak Thai and were abouts it is on the map. We also have learnt ruffly how much bart equals in Australian money and you can buy a meal for about $4 translate 100 bart. I recon knowing about Thai will be useful to me because I want to go tho Thailand one day I recon it would be great up there with the temperature and our teacher told use that it is peaceful up there.

In music we are learning how to play the guitar I have learnt E miner, D, G, and one more but I can’t remember what it is called. I recon this will be useful in life because we will be still doing music in life or if Iever want to be a musician. 

In I.C.T we have learnt how to do blogs I have learnt how to use a blog.

Term 2… :)

This year I recon I have approved on my maths and reading  the most , I guess i have also improved on the computers a can type a bit faster now.My favourite subject would be math because i have improved the most there and we wicked teacher..Next term  I recon I need to improve on my spelling aand  my attitude and art because  I’m not the best This year I recon I have approved on my maths and reading the most , I guess i have also improved on the computers a can type a bit faster now.My favourite subject would be math because i have improved the most there and we wicked teacher.Next term I recon I need to improve on my spelling and my attitude and art because I’m not the best drawer or speller and sometimes i do backchat. I also need to improve on writing more usually i think i don’t write much. I am also shy when i go on stage, i just hate going up there and showing my work and talking.

This Weekend!!!! :)

On the weekend I am going shopping and I get to choose out my BIRTHDAY PRESENT. Also my sister and her boyfriend and her ferret are coming down!!!!!    🙂 🙂 🙂    I havn’t see the ferret yet only in pictures and i can’t wait because it looks so CUTE !!!!!    :)` “““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““`