My Term 3 Goals…:)

School: This term I would like to improve on my spelling. Because I would like to be a better speller for next year and the rest of my life and use punctuation in the correct places.
I .would also like to get better at math for later on in high school because each year will be harder and plus later on in life I will need it alot.
I will do this by… Listening more in class and doing my work more.

Home: At home I would like to try and keep my room cleaner and do my chores went I wont to not just When I need money.
I will do this by… Seeing that my room is messy and if I’m not doing anything important I will clean it and put my stuff away.
I will do this by… Asking mum if it needs to be done yet and get her to tell me when I need to do it or just doing it because I’m not doing anything.

Attitude:  This term I would like to improve on my attitude because I don’t think I always have the best attitude.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               I will do by… Keeping it to myself and not saying anything.

3 thoughts on “My Term 3 Goals…:)

  1. Bessie,
    I love the music on your page. It is very similar to mine. I also love Taylor Swift. I would love to see her in concert.

  2. Bessie: I enjoyed your blog. You put a lot of thought into your goals last September. It’s now June. Did you meet your goals? I find that goal planning is easy, but not always easy to accomplish unless I have someone or something reminding me; a nudge? I wrote about your blog in my teacher’s blog. I would like to show your blog to my students. I also liked your music and found it right there with your goal setting. You go girl! My comments are also on my blog:

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